Foolish Games

Ep. 1 - My Favorite Johnnies

July 1, 2017

Foolish Games

Foolish Games is a new podcast featuring general adult silliness, games, and other nonsense. Join us on an adventure through the dark, glittery depths of our overactive imaginations. Rhi (a Hufflepuff) & Jamie Lynn (a Slytherclaw) play games & talk dogs, coffee, wine, comedy, pizza, cheese, Winona Ryder, the internet, Harry Potter, & murder. Come play with us.

Episode 1: My Favorite Johnnies

Jamie Lynn and Rhi hop into their non-hot tub time machine and travel back to the 90s to explore the serially engaged Johnny Depp's significant historical pairings, presented in true murderino fangirl fashion. #MyFavoriteMurder? #MyFavoriteJohnnies. Which couple will prevail? Will it be Winona, Ryder of Rainbows? Or perhaps Kate the Great? Or are there any winners at all?

Then, join us during a rousing match of Marry/Boff/Kill where all the options are--you guessed it--Johnny Depps.

Play along at home and let us know who you'd Marry/Boff/Kill (deets, please--show your work!) and your favorite Johnny Depp pairings:

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