Foolish Games

Ep. 2 - Internet Meet-Cutes

July 18, 2017

Foolish Games is a new podcast featuring general adult silliness, games, and other nonsense. Join us on an adventure through the dark, glittery depths of our overactive imaginations. Rhi (a Hufflepuff) & Jamie Lynn (a Slytherclaw) play games & talk dogs, coffee, wine, comedy, pizza, cheese, Winona Ryder, the internet, Harry Potter, & murder. Come play with us.

Episode 2: Internet Meet-Cutes

Runes & Donuts & Crispin Glover OH MY

Jamie Lynn and Rhi climb aboard the nostalgia express to talk about our favorite thing: the internet! Join us as we reminisce about our meet-cutes with the interwebz.

Feat. gay Babadook, cow-print cardboard boxes, the Dutch, and Crispin Glover. Tell us how you met the internet here:

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Instagram: @foolishgamespodcast



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