Foolish Games

Ep. 5 - Re-Casting Couch

October 16, 2017
Foolish Games is a new podcast featuring general adult silliness, games, and other nonsense. Join us on an adventure through the dark, glittery depths of our overactive imaginations. Rhi (a Hufflepuff) & Jamie Lynn (a Slytherclaw) play games & talk dogs, coffee, wine, comedy, pizza, cheese, Winona Ryder, the internet, Harry Potter, & murder. Come play with us.
Ep. 5 - Recasting Couch
On this episode: We recast movies to match our visions for them. Crappy actors? Bad hair? NBA team full of vampires? Not on our (re)watch!

Listen to Rhi discuss why she would remake "Practical Magic" (, and then Jamie Lynn tackles the mid-oughts phenomenon "Twilight" (

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Tell us which movies you'd recast, and with whom:

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